Our Our History

Specific Gravity Group was Founded in 2014 by three Crumbs Bake Shop (NASDAQ: CRMB) executives. When new stores were being built, the company would send IT, construction, and operations specialist. The objective was to turn over a fully functional store to the store training team, so they could begin training and selling product immediately. From New York to LA, Chicago to Houston, and everywhere in between, the team would travel city to city and open these stores. When the company went under in 2014, we identified a core reason being the amount spent on overhead when opening and supporting stores. We came together with a simple plan; help businesses open and operate multi-unit location with expert hospitality industry expertise, for less than inhouse staff would cost. 8 years and hundreds of projects later, we feel it’s safe to say, our model works.

Who we are

Specific Gravity Group is a full-service Technology Operational Support and Improvement Consultancy. We have proven experience tackling complex infrastructure, cybersecurity, and general IT issues across the Hospitality and Retail industries, specifically for multiunit operators.

Technology is a necessary component to compete in the marketplace today. From collecting sales and offering better user experiences, to metrics and reinforcing the brand look and feel through Audio / Visual. In addition, because it is such an essential part of business, criminals know they can pray on those that are not protected. ‘Locking the front door’ is no longer sufficient enough to keep criminals out. Businesses need cybersecurity to help them remain protected and protect their assets and customer information.

Technology is often overlooked or misunderstood. Tech is important; however, the businesses vision and goals always take priority, and tech is meant to always be in support of those goals, enabling the business to continue its growth. Leaving tech to us simplifies and balances the ‘want-to-need’ ratio. Our motto is simple, “The business comes first, IT follows”

What is the SpecGravity Way?

We’re the Multiunit Support platform built for the Hospitality and Retail industries.

the SpecGravity Way


We begin each interaction with a full audit of each location. We use your live, instore data collected during the audit to create a complete Profile, including inventories, Brand Term Glossaries, Staff Contacts, Passwords, and more, all stored in a shared portal.

the SpecGravity Way


When something in your store goes wrong, all your team has to do is call, text, or email and SpecGravity manages the rest. We will create a ticket and begin working on the issue immediately. We are a call-to-resolution based support group.

the SpecGravity Way


Our team troubleshoots and documents every issue and fix. We constantly analyze tickets to finding patters, and suggesting permanent fixes to reoccurring issues, saving you time and money on unnecessary service and downtime.

the SpecGravity Way


If a technician needs to come onsite to resolve the issue, our team dispatches and manages the process from start to finish. We handle all communication and scheduling with the store manager or team, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

the SpecGravity Way


Our team confirms work is completed by verifying with our tech, calling the store before our tech leaves to confirm they’re good, and we obtain written sign off from the store staff, ensuring all dispatches and ticket history are tracked for you.

the SpecGravity Way


Your dedicated tech will act as part of your team, meeting with you weekly, monthly, or quarterly to discuss all tickets for the given time period, as well as discuss your current and future business goals, and the emerging industry technologies that could help support those goals.

Flat, monthly subscription

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  • 24/7/365 support
  • Unlimited access to your Dedicated Team via text, call, or email
  • No user permissions or restrictions across staff
  • Digital Equipment Inventories built for you
  • Customer portal with insights dashboard
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Work order management
  • Access to comparative performance data by segment and market
  • Strategic saving and spending recommendations
  • Total cost of ownership tracking
  • Real-time repair vs. replace recommendations

Simple, transparent pricing.

No markups, no fees. Save money instead of wasting it on software your team won’t use.


Using SpecGravity is as simple as sending a text.

Once your locations are onboarded, your team is ready for support. There are no additional hoops to jump through when you go live with SpecGravity Support.

  • No software
  • No training
  • No app installs