Specific Gravity Group, Inc. is a leader in brand development and expansion. With a family of companies and practices that service various industries with a national and worldwide reach, Specific Gravity can help any business, of any size, grow, expand, and become more profitable. We combine the collective experiences of professionals from various disciplines to drive the success of our clients. Below is a list of just some of the services and industries we service. For a full list of services and industries, Contact Us today. 

We so more than simply answer the question, we ensure the right one is being asked. 

Fields of Expertise:

Information Technology

     Complete, 24x7x365 Tech Support

     Core Network Support

     Field Support

     Hardware Procurement

     POS Selection and Management

     Credit Card Processing

     Structured Cabling

     Support Services and Management

Operational Management of Branded Concepts

Product Development

     Menu Development

     Raw Good Negotiation

     Nutritional Facts Management


     Staff Training

     Product Training 

     Quality Assurance


Focusing on Client Success in the following areas:

Distribution Center




     Bar & Nightclub

     Full Service Restaurant


     Deli / Bakery / Coffee House

     Niche & Specialty Retail

     Quick Service (QSR)


Real Estate



     Big Box