Industry: Hospitality, Rollout, Support, Tech Dispatch

Saxbys is a hospitality company driven by a singular mission:


The Saxbys team lives by its core values, transparently painted in the walls of our HQ and all striving to serve our company mission:

Make Life Better.

1. We are a Community, Serving Our Community

2. Embrace being O.D.D. (Outgoing, Detail Oriented and Disciplined)

3. Profit Creates Opportunity

4. Live with Pride, Passion and Purpose

5. Serve Yourself by Serving Others

6. Care Personally and Communicate Openly

Saxbys Coffee


Project Case Study

With 25+ locations nationwide, and a non-existent IT department, where technology requests and requirements fall as a responsibility of one of the many hats a home office executive wears, new store builds, ongoing support, upgrade roll outs, and future proofing is a lot to handle.

Saxbys had an urgent need to swap out their existing POS system at all their locations quickly. SpecGravity, trained extensively in the POS system Saxbys was migrating to, was able to deploy a team to remove the old POS, pack it up for shipping, replace the old POS with the new one, configure it, and test, then drop the old POS for shipping returns.