Dedicated Resources Include

  • A fully vetted resource, with a fixed, fully loaded cost
  • Dedicated to you and your company – a fulltime employee that identifies with your brand
  • Works at your direction, on your projects
  • All HR and Benefits covered by SGG

Clients Worked with

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We are managers of IT. A manager is someone that has been entrusted with an asset, to continually protect and grow the asset, while making the owners evermore proud of their investment. Sometimes, brands needs a face, in the office, to show the asset is being managed. Our Dedicated Resources allows brands to have an ‘In Office’ IT department presence. This can help further central IT support, which then helps in creating a better relationship between end users and IT departments.

Our Dedicated Resources will work onsite, or remote, if desired, and focus only on your brand. Your projects, tickets, research, meetings, etc. will all be handled by the resource. These are typically long term engagements which affords the brand all the advantages of a Dedicated Research, without the HR and internal employee capital expenditure.

Dedicated Resources typically:

  • Work 40 hours / week according to office schedule;
  • Average 1880 billable hours / year;
  • Benefits, PTO, Holidays, etc. all covered by SpecGravity;
  • Work at the direction of the Brand’s Technical Point of Contact;
  • Complete Monthly Status Reports;

SpecGravity’s Dedicated Resources help brands create an in office presence, further blurring the line between SpecGravity and the brand. All resources are interviewed by the brand before placement and regular status reporting once placed. Dedicated Resources can also be converted to brand employee’s under recruiting agreements if desired.