Hospitality Including:

  • Fast Casual
  • Full Service
  • Hotel & Resort
  • Bakery / Coffee House
  • Niche & Specialty Retail
  • Quick Service (QSR)

Clients Worked with

IT Support for Hospitality

SpecGravity offers centralized IT Support for Hospitality Brands with both remote and onsite assistance. We offer emerging and established Hospitality Brands the ability to reduce support cost while maximizing and realigning internal resources to work on strategy and high level stakeholder projects. We operate and work well with Brands that do not have their own IT department, but we also work well with Brands that do.

Our clients with existing IT departments see real value in working with us, as it gives these often single IT Departments the breathing room they need to focus on projects and upgrades, allowing them to once again be on the bleeding edge of Hospitality tech, as opposed to getting interrupted for an ISP outage, Ticket Printer down, or password reset. Our clients without IT departments see value overnight, as we bring structure and experience to their Brand, helping establish guidelines and SOPs, in addition to true enterprise level infrastructure.

Our solution integrates with ANY technology you have, and we do not require any change or upgrade to hardware or software to work with us; we are truly agnostic. Do you have Meraki deployed across your Brand or use Toast POS? Great! We’ll manage it. We’ll even integrate with your help desk ticketing software, not matter what it is. This allows you to exponentially multiply your IT department overnight, with no major changes or ask of your stores. They keep doing what they do best, and we support them every step of the way. Our only ask; keep an open mind to suggestions and be willing to solve problems permanently.

Hospitality IT Buildout

Expansion is exciting and scary all at once. Everyone wants to standardize across the board to make rollouts easier, but how do you do that when tech often is left until the last step?

Our team gets involved from the very beginning of the buildout process. We start with an introduction to your architect, and review of the site plans. We mark the plans (layout, RCP, and elevations), for Data, AV, Security, and power requirements as it relates to these three. We sit on the weekly construction calls with the architects, GC, PM, etc. and ensure we’re getting it right. We visit the site multiple times throughout the construction process to help eliminate any errors, even before our scheduled work.

We handle everything, including:

  • Finding and negotiating the ISP and phone system;
  • Procuring, storing, and bring all equipment to site when ready;
  • Pulling and Terminating data, audio, and surveillance cables;
  • Installing Speakers, Surveillance, POS, network equipment, etc.;
  • Final testing and turnup of all systems;

End to end, we handle new store builds. Give us an address and a turnover date, we’ll handle the rest.